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zentrix cast info

Alternative title:
時空冒険記ゼントリックス (Japanese)

Genres: adventure, science fiction

Themes: Mecha

Age rating: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence)

Plot Summary: welcome to zentrix, the most perfect city on the planet. This is all thanks to the famous scientist Emperor Jarad, who created the omicronpsy super-computer. The Computer Manages all of the city's higher and day to day functions, controlling a wide variety of machines and robots. It's paradise. Until one day, when omicronpsy realizes that it would be a better ruler than Jarad. The computer revolts, and in the ensuing battle, Jarad and the scientist, Dr.Roark, are lost in time. His Daughter Megan, learns what happened and is determined to follow her father back in time to save both him and her homeland. But due to an accident during time travel, she is now stuck in an eight-year-old body. Megan and her loyal sidekick Mango now have to reactivate the robot Zeus, find her father, and fend off attacks from the forces of Omicronpsy, who have followed them through time.

Running time: 25 minutes
Number of episodes: 26

2002-05-09 (France)
2003-04-05 to 2003-09-27
2004 (Magic Kids Latin America, Argentina)

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