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Zentrix Theme Song HK



曲:James Ting
編:James Ting

冒險始於現在 明天都可重來
我信世界會更改 就由我 集合你的愛
時空再大 能獲勝可一都可再

一息間 一種空間 決策得一個
我與過去那個我 在幻境中拔河
時空穿越了多少交錯 可 想法子扭轉結果

* (時代) 冒險始於現在 明天都可重來
我信世界會更改 用人性 與惡魔比賽
應付不來 升級腦袋

為今天的禍害 人的心都回來 天地也都感概
就由我 集合你的愛 時空再大 能獲勝都只因為愛 *

這天空 這一分鐘 誰人都經過
欠缺你 這個世界 命運差之銀河
時空消逝最驚險不過 可 結伴去改寫更多

你 錯失的不可再難過 有膽識請跟著我
從歷史之手挽回我 智慧的寶座

Repeat *

Monday, November 27, 2006

Origional Name of Zentrix

Actaually the original name of Zentrix is Robotica. We had to change this because the domain name was occupied by someone already and also it was too similar to the under producing movie called Robota. So we worked out the other title name.
Zentrium is the power chips of robot in the story, it were a sould of robot. Matrix is so pupolar at that time and we love it so much, we try to bring Zen.. and ...trix together, and finally have Zentrix.
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Zentrix PS2 Game

Bandai Video Game Site

Zentrix Storyline

Famous scientist Jarad gives his OmicronPsy super-computer the power to spawn robots. Thanks to this, Jarad becomes Emperor of the world’s most powerful city-Zentrix!
But the OmicronPsy System computes that it has the power to override orders from its master.
In an attempt to destroy the OmicronPsy System, Jarad becomes lost in time whilst transporting super-robot Zeus and himself back into the past.

Back in time, Zeus teams up with junior scientist Nick, Princess Megan and Mango the micro-saur, to fulfill the mission of destroying OmicronPsy and, in the course of their perilous journey to shut down OmicronPsy’s Zentrium chips, a true spirit of friendship and loyalty develops between the quartet of adventurers.
They need all the teamwork they can muster because they come under constant attack from weird and heavily-armed robots who know more about kung-fu-with-attitude than anybody.

智極城是未來世界的首都,國王傑勒創造了機械「奧撒」管理世界,在傑勒的統領及奧撒的幫助下,智極城人人生活美滿,不料橫生枝節,原來奧撒產生了人類的慾 念,覺得自己功勞最大,竟對人類產生仇恨,後來更想將人類推翻,有野心要統治全世界,於是乘機謀奪王位。傑勒覺得一切惡果都是自己一手造出來,他決心要承 受一切。為救人類,傑勒毅然返回七年前的世界,希望改變過去的歷史,從而阻止未來浩劫的發生。但奧撒亦非常聰明,多翻對傑勒作出挑戰。於是一場由人類與機 械,由未來打到過去的精彩戰鬥就此展開。

Zeus Fighting Mode

Zeus Ultra Mode

In this blog, i will share with you the fun stuffs on making Zentrix !
this "Ultra Mode Zeus" is the last character design of 26 episodes.